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The Life I Dreamt Of.

Wasn’t it our dream as a child to finish school, get a job, find a significant other, have kids if we want, have a family if we want, go on vacations, be who we were born to be, and live our own free will? Isn’t that America – freedom?

Shouldn’t we have fair access to our basic human needs? Physiological, safety, love, belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. How can one person take so many of those away?

Isn’t it our dream to make our own choices?

Isn’t it – My power, My will, My prestige, My worth, My life – the path that I’ve created for myself?

Isn’t it our dream to be in control?

Isn’t it –

My space, My bubble, My privacy, My decision, My soul, My body?

Who is anyone else to try to dictate my life? To take that away?

Isn’t it every person's dream to grow up in a world surrounded by peace, love, support, and hope? To go in the direction that our ambitions and aspirations lead us? – To the scenes we create when we lie awake at night, envisioning our happy place and where our journey will take us as we drift off into a peaceful night’s rest...?

It was my dream.

But upon having it abruptly interrupted, I’ve made up the ground I’ve lost, and my revival is far stronger and more alive than my setback.

Embrace the change of direction.

Step aside, Trauma, There’s a new dream in sight – a new journey, a new passion. I’m ready to harness the rage and create something beautiful.

Here we go.


(And be a fairy? She needs some red sparkly heels...)

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And here , I give you ... my red high heels! ♥️❤️💕

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