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Realize; Self-Worth

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Rest upon that star;

you are


so beautiful...

Shine amongst the moon

and soon


you are

brighter than that star...

And soon


your love

is more than the galaxy

to me,

you'll see.

And soon,


you are


My everything.

Why do I write like this?

Ultimately... self-worth.

Sometimes maybe I wish that they were words someone would say to me. Even more, feelings someone would feel about me.

But sometimes it is an attempt to bring back self-worth.

And mostly, it is an attempt to bring back her (or his or their) self-worth.

Because, Survivor, you are worthy. You are beautiful. And you are strong.

We talked a lot about losing self-worth at the Sexual Assault Survivor Support Group I attended last night. We all agreed that it is a huge loss for survivors: self-worth. Why, you ask? Because we were objectified. We were treated like objects to be used for sex or sexual acts. We weren't treated like a human with a soul, but rather an object to use for one-sided pleasure.

I'm not going to limit this post to just myself. For some survivors, the objectification was one time, one incident, that ruined absolutely everything. For some survivors, it was multiple times, multiple occurrences that ruined all of the self-confidence and self-worth they once had. For some, it was an entire duration of a relationship with someone. For some, it was a childhood, the most sensitive time of development and growth for a person... but being objectified for years.

I'd like to remind you how worthy you are of everything you want and desire. You are worthy of sensitive, kind, delicate love. You deserve to be treated with sincere intimacy and genuine passion.

And truth be told, you are an inspiration to me.

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1 comentario

Dear Lioness: I know that you know me. That’s ok. You know I love your strong will and love for life. It is inspiring to say the least. My heart is hurting for you. And for other reasons I don’t need to disclose. Nothing you should worry about. But my heart and soul are one. You make me want to be a better person. For that small gift , I am forever grateful and humbled. Love you my strong and true lioness friend! ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰

Me gusta
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