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Non-Traditional Forms of Therapy

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

If you’re from my neck of the woods and are looking for a therapist… you may be experiencing what multiple other people in our area are experiencing: That there are no therapists in the area taking new patients! And if there are, they are hard to find. Thus, I've created this list of non-traditional therapy to get you by, or in addition to therapy you may be receiving. I am not a licensed person/therapist to be giving medical/therapy advice, this is just a friend-to-friend style list. Because... we're friends, yeah?

But really, multiple members that attend the support group in my area are struggling to find a therapist whether it is their first one or a new therapist... this is a problem and I hope it changes in the near future!

Alternative Therapy I've Used


Working out in general (strength training/weight lifting, cardio)

Paint by numbers (yes. seriously. so much yes right here.)

Reading (Know My Name, The Gift of Fear, Tuesdays with Morrie)

Burning your mattress (if this is where you were assaulted, of course... have a bon fire and torch the sucker)

Motorcycle = wind therapy (helmet!)

Support group (contact your local Women’s Shelter)


Light therapy (blue-light box)

Music (Warrior by Demi Levato, You Don't Own Me by SAYGRACE, G-Easy)


Animals (like a cross-eyed cat, her twin sister, and a German Shepherd... or horse back riding... whatever floats your boat)


Call up your BFF, you know, the one who makes you laugh the most

Other Alternative Therapy








Spa day

Spiritual healing

Like I said, I'm not a licensed therapist and cannot legally offer you therapy advice. I'm just putting a friendly list out there in hopes that if you need a little something-something extra, that this serves you well. =)

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