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My Universe

When one small child gives you will to live, will to survive, and will to thrive, you can bet they'll be inspiration for random thoughts of love and gratitude that long to be written down onto blank notebook pages - so one day the small child can read about how truly loved he is.

There he sits –

My heart outside of my body,

Beating its own drum.

A piece of my soul,

Created into a new one,

As fresh and alive as the morning’s first glimpse of the sun,

With its own potential, desires, passions, and goals.

With its own superpowers.

He loves, he laughs, he grows in his own extraordinary way,

My red mixed with his dad’s blue –

A shade of purple that is far more perfect than I could have imagined.

And those eyes,

Those soft brown eyes,

Contrasting perfectly next to his surprisingly blonde hair,

They blink, waiting –

Looking up at me as if I am The Universe,

Waiting for me to make the right move.

And those little ears,

Waiting for me to say the right thing.

And those little feet,

Waiting for my footsteps to lead him in the right direction,

On the right path,

Where there is safety, opportunity, and freedom,

Where knowledge is power, peace brings happiness, and love is warm, welcoming, and wholesome.

There he sits –

My precious boy,

Believing that I will be the best that I can be,

For isn’t that the definition of Mom?

And I will be the best that I can be,

So my future superhero

That has grown so big already,

Can follow in my footsteps

And become a Universe of his own someday.

Little does he know,

He’s already mine.

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This was absolutely beautiful. I always love reading your posts. Especially the ones where I see the beautiful you that I have always known shine through. I love knowing shes still there. That he couldn’t take that from you. I just can’t wait to see the things you do next.


I can’t even express how much you mean to me with every word you write. You express yourself so beautifully and emotionally. It almost makes it hard for me to read. And please do not ever take offense to that. The hard part is mostly because I can relate and have felt the same in some way or another. I love to read and relate to you. You are my strong and true friend and confidant. We are alike in more ways than you know lioness. 🙏👊

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