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Green Lake - Following Omens

The water was sheen, pulling her closer as each gentle wave wet the rocks surrounding the dock. Her feet were gliding over the earth, pulling her closer to the water. It was as if the evening’s soul summoned her there so the lake could be whole again. Despite the darkness, the stars surrounded her, and she became one of them – at peace, weightlessly embracing the cool breeze that came from the east side of the lake.

The moon lit her a path, drawing her closer and closer. It continued into the water, tempting her to keep going. Instead, when she reached the end of the dock, she sat. Her long hair tickled her back as the wind combed it over her shoulders. Her toes became one with the water and she closed her eyes, tilted her head back, became one with her aura, and breathed the midnight air.

And it was the most beautiful sight, how a darkened world, her darkened world, could glow so easily in the light of the stars and the moon with the reflection of the lake. The only sounds were the waves, her dreams, and her heartbeat. With each beat, her heart reminded her that she was alive; and there at the lake, alive and free, she could do anything.

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