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A Yearning for that Bedtime Breeze

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

I remember when I lived at my old house, on those warm spring days nearing summer and at the brink of fall, I would open all the windows in my house and let the fresh air flow through. Every chance I would get, the blinds, curtains, and windows would be wide open to welcome the sun, the air, and freedom. It was a lovely split-level home where I had amazing neighbors and my little man was so happy because there were so many kids for him to play with in the area.

When the sky dimmed and the sun hugged the west end of the earth, I’d close the windows and snuggle on the couch with my little man. The windows that I left open were my bedroom windows. Two windows, side by side. Who doesn’t love to sleep in a cool room?! I was on the second floor, so it seemed safe.

After tucking in my little man, I remember the days when I would lie my head on my cool pillow, feeling the night breeze whisper through the screen and across my gray blanket, kissing my face as it passed. I’d hear the birds say their “goodnights,” and the crickets sing in melody. I’d smell the fresh night air accompanied with a faint scent of smoke coming from the neighborhood as neighbors stayed out later than me having a bon fire. But knowing my friends were close and surrounded me at each and every house, kept me feeling safe.

It would only take me a matter of minutes (if that) for the night to capture me and whisk me off into a deep sleep. And in the morning, I would wake with the morning breeze whispering, “Good morning, Sunshine,” to me in my chilled room. And it was always so pleasant being snuggled under the covers with the crisp morning air surrounding my face.

Ever since I moved to my new house, I will not sleep with my windows open. The master bedroom of my house is on the main level. There is no way I could fathom or rationalize leaving the windows open while I sleep. In my old house, it created peace and comfort while I slept, whereas now… There’s just no way. (Sorry to get graphic here). The man who came into my home, pointed a gun at my head and raped me, came in through a window. If I left my windows open now, I feel like it would be an act of basically inviting someone in again.

I long for that cool breeze to lull me to sleep... I long to smell the fresh air and feel the night’s breath of freedom paint my bed at night... If only I could hear the crickets while I drift off to sleep again… I could be one step closer (though still miles away) to a comfort and contentment I once knew.

Moral of the first part of the story: Don’t just shut your windows. Check every single day to make sure they’re also locked!

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