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The Welcome Sign

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

I never had a “Welcome” sign outside of my house. You know, those beautiful, giant (4-foot-tall) wooden signs that you lean next to your front door? Those didn’t become a big thing until the last few years. Now you see them everywhere! And they’re adorable!

But I tell you what, I sure as hell will never have one. Why? Because you are not welcome to my house!

OK, this may not apply to everyone. My big sister is welcome, my ex-husband is welcome, my family and my best friends are welcome (you know who you are). But that’s about it. And my German Shepherd will make sure that you know that.

Anyway, the first time that I saw one of these adorable welcome signs, I thought to myself, Oh, cute! But, hell no. There was no consideration, no contemplation, no forgiveness. Just, hell no. Maybe back in the day I would have had one. Before him. But now I’ve experienced what it feels like to have someone break into my home, etc. And even though he didn’t come through the front door, it doesn’t matter. Having a “Welcome” sign out there would be false advertisement!

So now every time I see one, I think, Nooooooooo! And then I carry on. Just another normal day in Hobby Lobby (pre-Government "shelter in place" orders).

Maybe this isn’t an extremely interesting blog. Just thought I’d share my thoughts for the day. =)

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1 commentaire

Erin Tilford
Erin Tilford
28 mars 2020

Hobby lobby does have the best signs though!

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