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"The President's Daughter" Book Review

Have you considered reading the book called The President’s Daughter written by former President of the United States Bill Clinton and the world’s best-selling author, James Patterson? Maybe my book review can help sway your decision…

I'd rate this...

5 stars!

This book is easily a money maker, which sometimes discourages me from wanting to read this type of book (simply, money-makers). This is much like how I originally felt about Untamed by Glennon Doyle, but I found that it was actually an incredible book. When judging a book prior to reading, you have to think of the roots...

First, one of the authors of The President's Daughter is James Patterson, the world’s best-selling and highest-paid author. Second, the other author is a former POTUS, Bill Clinton. What an incredible combination of expertise.

This book was extremely hard to put down. One of the bravest of all characters in the book was the president’s daughter. They created a character with intelligence, courage, and determination, depicting strategies victims should use even in real-life situations of how to survive being kidnapped. Additionally, many of the powerful characters in this book were female, which I appreciated immensely.

This hardcover book is 594 pages, 136 chapters, 5 parts and an Epilogue. While this sounds intimidatingly long, the short chapters and continual perspective changes made it hard to put down. The short chapters kept me wanting more; it’s very much my style of book to both read and write. The whole book was compelling and action-packed. It would be equivalent to watching a movie directed by Michael Bay. Except better, because, well… books.

One of the obvious aspects that makes this book so great is the resources put into it. In addition to the authors, they literally had a team of people, including a publishing company, to work out all of the fine details that indie authors like myself do not have. (Unless of course you keep supporting indie authors by buying their books and supporting their Patreon pages if they have one! …then maybe some day they will have a whole team of people to help make their books even better too! (You can do so by CLICKING HERE)).

When I was rating this book after reading, I saw someone had said, “Only Bill Clinton and James Patterson can do a story like this.” And it’s true; I concur. Truthfully, I can’t wait to go back to read the first book they wrote together called The President is Missing.

I giggled, I cried (a handful of times), I learned, I fell in love with the characters, and I hated closing the book after reading the final page. Often times I hate finishing a book because it puts me back into the reality of my own life, rather than hiding, nose-deep into a book of someone's fictional life. But I’m happy standing on my own two feet, and have someone that makes me so very happy, so it’s not that I want to escape my life, it was just a really damn good book. Therefore, my recommendation is... read the book.



P.S. Can't wait to see you all at Workshop Food Hall & Bar in Rochester, Minnesota from 1:30 - 3:30 pm this SATURDAY, December 11 for the release and signing of my fictional thriller novella called The First Sister: A Dangerous Bloodline. See you there!

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