Four Pounds of Pressure

From Hostage to Lioness

Did you know that four pounds of pressure is the average trigger pull of a 9 mm hand gun?

My story is much more complex than simply surviving rape. It is a story of being held hostage at gunpoint in my home, being raped multiple times, and ensuring my son stayed sleeping in his room for the entire five hours he was there...


(We!) I have been targeted, terrorized, and wronged too many times by means of sexual violence and harassment. Rape culture needs to end! People need to be made aware of and educated on rape culture so we can bring it to an end. So here I am - Stepping up to advocate against sexual violence with my experiences and what I have learned from them.


I am taking back my power and body, and I'm here to empower others to do the same.  


Danielle Louise Leukam is creating blogs and books; empowering survivors to take back their power. | Patreon

I am a survivor of rape and sexual assault, an advocate, an activist, a member of the Survivor Advisory Group to the Governor of Minnesota, a nurse, a writer, a blogger, a mom, and as I have recently discovered - a lioness. 


I am honored to have you here. 

Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer. 

Danielle Louise Leukam











I've written a memoir about my story of survival from the early morning hours of November 18th, 2018. I'm also in the process of working on my second book: a compilation of stories of survivors of sexual violence in the Midwest. (Please message if you're interested in telling your story!)


Update! I've completed writing my memoir and am in the final stages of editing. Through a gracious donor, I've raised enough funds for copyediting by Brooke Warner and am looking to also have her do developmental editing. If you're interested in contributing to these costs, please click the donate button below.

My goal is to have my memoir be someone else's survival guide.  

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I've added this donate button to fund my memoir (editing costs!), my second book, blog, and advocacy work.

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